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2011-06-01 22:56:42 by M18

how about video games, I use game maker which means I basically do EVERYTHING, It will take some serious time since my last project was destroyed with my pc, I'd say a month at the earliest

Ok a lot more understandable

2011-06-01 12:26:21 by M18

I have one more GoAnimate video, I want everyone who posted on my last comment to try to weigh in on it. I'm waiting until I can get the voice recorder before I finish it and Its going to Include stuff that I drew as well. this I will consider my first SERIOUS effort with GoAnimate. If you still don't like It, Then I'll start looking for another form of animation software.
Its going to be named "Pamphlets"
Ok scratch that, If I find a better software, I won't post pamphlets on at all, and will keep GoAnimate on youtube

I have been catching crap for using GoAnimate, and like I said on one of my vids, I have a VERY busy schedule, which prevents me from making cartoons otherwise. I know people may not like my videos, But I would prefer If it was based on the content and comedy vs them just condemning it because of the production, I don't have an animation team people, and I'm not trying to pass this for anything, Its just me, making animated sketches. But I will start using real voices (essentially I'll have to do every voice)so that's something to look forward to.

And to those who liked the video, and to those who may not have but remained constructive: Thank You I appreciate your feedback

Sup people

2011-05-30 15:23:23 by M18

Well I do a lot of stuff, you will be able to watch my vids here and on youtube and follow me on twitter, or if you would rather follow a homicidal bottle of ketchup on twitter, I have that too!


Bottle of Ketchup:!/BottleofKetchup